Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Wall

This is the wall for the downstairs loo. David has humoured me on this one. I love rusty barn roofs. I wanted to salvage some, but it comes all twisted up and is incredibly expensive. I found this great paint that you put on in layers and it has actual metal, (iron or copper or other) that you apply acid too and rust than seal. I did the upstairs bathtub with it. Someone suggested I do that to new metal work and get my rusty barn roof cheaper and easier. David worries it is too hippyish, but agreed to put up some sheets of galvanised metal roofing on the walls. This is what it looks like so far with first metal, then bottom coat of paint. I put the acid on it a few days ago, but we are away now and I haven't sealed it or taken further pictures. I will get those up later.

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