Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The stucco is done and this is all four sides of the house for the first time.(The snow took down the silt fence, so I could get over it at the back and get pictures.) It is really green, but we love it.

door and balcony

This is a picture standing on the balcony off the master bedroom. I tried to get some pictures of creek and mountain from balcony, but light wasn't good and will add those later. we look right at the side of the mountain rising up behind the house. It is very pretty. This is the door to the balcony. After I stripped the door-- under the paint and stuff, it was stained badly, so I had to paint this side of it. David worries it is a bit hippyish-- not his favourite thing I have done to the house!

weather vane

It is a bit small way up there, but we still like it. I wasn't sure a dragon was the right thing for our house-- but it was my absolute favourite one on all the sites. Kate says that, this is the raggedy edge and on the edge of medieval maps there are dragons!

underfloor heat

This is the underfloor heating for the bedrooms-- isn't it cool? They will pour gypcrete over this as soon as the septic tank is in and we have water to mix in it. I am so excited about this type of heating. I was talking to someone just the other day who has the same heating and he says he has never raised his themometor gage above 68F. (The geothermal heats the water to 64F!) The top picture is the manifold-- this is the place all the pipes come out of the floor and hook up to the pump.


House as a ghost. The house looked like this for weeks while the stucco dried!


None of the pictures of the creek show quite how wonderful it is. These are pretty good so I wanted to post them. What I would really like to get posted is the big rock just below this water fall. It is about six or seven feet long and easily five feet high. It is mossy and lovely-- a big pool of water forms behind it and two water falls fall on each side of it. Every time I photo it, it just disappears in the picture. I can't get one which shows its sheer size and loveliness. The back wall of the house (those three big floor to ceiling windows) and the balcony look down on this!


Cob is not suppose to sprout-- seeds from the strawbale!