Sunday, February 14, 2010


The first picture isn't our sittingroom. It is Claire with my brother's Christmas present-- Tosho, the Akita puppy. Claire loves to babysit him.

Thanksgiving day the kids spent the night with Lee and Delores at Grandma Phyllis's. We slept in and thought,"no kids! We can get a project done." We had just started sorting the schoolroom shelves and I thought, I bet, we can put our big shelf up. We had all the pieces even the screws (and it was neatly labeled.) David made this beautiful shelf for me years ago from old church floor, wood we bought in Sussex. We thought, a couple of hours this shelf will be bolted to the wall and we can go to Phyllis's for Thanksgiving dinner. (My pies were done, because I had no functional oven and made them at Sean's earlier in the week.) That wretched shelf took all weekend! It was THE holiday project. I have never seen David be so frustrated at something engineered square-- the new house walls are actually straight. Yeah! The bookshelf wasn't. It was made to fit a Victorian house wall that sloped slightly and then modified to fit the curve of the Oasthouse! Of course, we added to the problem by switching the sides around so the little shelf was on the left and the big on the right-- just opposite of how David originally designed it.

Unpacking EVERY box of books, was like Christmas! We had not unpacked our boxes since moving-- just the kid's books. David says the house looks much more cozy in these pictures then in reality, so I have to point out the styrofoam walls, the unfinished gypcrete floors, and the wires everywhere.

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