Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inside the house--

This is the kitchen and the homeschool room.

The kitchen has our one functional sink from June 2009 to Feb 2010! In the project as it progresses, we are learning to really appreciate the simple things in life-- a sink with running water or a sink with a mirror over it so you can see to shave! We reached a melt-down point with all the boxes. Claire NEEDED a dictionary and I could not think which box it was in. ( I could not stop to help her, because I was in the middle of a tiling batch with fast drying goop.) We had tears of frustration, so we decided walls or no walls we could not stand the 40 plus boxes of books any more. We set up all the shelves-- even found another one for ten dollars in a junk shop. Now we have access to EVERY reference book we own without scrabbling through tons of boxes. We burned the pile of boxes in great celebration! (better than Guy Fawkes.)

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