Monday, February 15, 2010

Cob, endless cob.

Continued work on the top half of the cob wall. In some ways this is quite a bit slower than the bottom half. It took a lot more cob mixes for the bottom half, but there is much more shaping involved in the top half. Sometimes I did not use a whole mix a day on the top wall.

I also had to transfer the cob longer distances for the top half. The bottom half I just dragged the whole tarp full of cob mix from the porch where I mixed it, to the entryway. If the cat did not escape while I struggled over the thresh hold, this was fast. Most of the top wall work was done from the landing. I had to make balls of the cob and stack it onto the wall and then run around to work, or load the cob into five gallon buckets and heave them up the stairs. This took much longer.

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