Sunday, February 14, 2010

Downstairs Loo closer to finished

We spent another weekend doing the sink. This looks better in the pictures than in the flesh. It badly needs re enameling. We will eventually get that done. It is a nice little sink and the taps are old and brass and actually came with it. Two washers later, they work great!

I made a curtain out of scraps -- various Linen fabrics from Bells in Cranbrook. Jan helped on a weekend they were up just before Christmas. We had two sewing machines out. Jan was quilting like a mad thing all that weekend, but she stopped and helped get the cuts straight with her quilt cutter knife and big cutting board. The last fabric had a great fringey selvage that I just left on the bottom unhemmed. I reused in the window, an old curtain I'd made for the Oasthouse, because I love the fabric. I just added tabs from ribbon and we got an Amish curtain rod.

The Amish curtain rod is okay, but I have to say, I really miss Andy, the blacksmith!!! I tried to find someone to do brackets for the fireplace and they wanted $850 for two brackets! (I am reusing some salvage ones instead!) I shudder to think what a curtain rod would cost.

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