Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Door!!

WE HAVE A DOOR! I can not tell you how wonderful this is. This was a job that I just could not visualize in my head properly. Our friend, Helmut, took us to Homedepot and showed us what the pieces look like and talked us through the procedure, but that was in July. We went online and looked at some sites too. New doors come with the door jam framed around them like a box and you just install the whole thing. These are our Walla Walla, Whitman college, 100 year old doors of all different sizes. (This is possibly far more sadistic than toilets!) It isn't an easy job and takes David a couple of days to do one door, but he can do it and do a good job. He does it differently from how the websites show you. They somehow have magic doors that stand on their own while you construct the whole jamb around them and then you install it. David found it much easier to install one piece of the jamb into the door frame first-- then add the door and then put the last two pieces of jamb in place.

Helmut introduced us to shims-- a wonderful thing made for hanging doors, that have multiple uses in building. Our old toilets are shimmed against the wall and at least one piece of sheetrock. If we are having trouble with something now we shout for someone to bring some shims.

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