Monday, February 15, 2010

Cob, beautiful cob

Just before Thanksgiving, I finished the bottom half of the cobbed wall. This is a great wall that separates the staircase from the entryway and is full of all sorts of sculptural potential! The bottom half (as you can see in two of the pictures) is very plain. I put in some of those glass bricks to bring light into the basement. Jan and I got those at the salvage place in Seattle. She made cool bookends with hers. I also left a scooped out arch shape for the cat. He likes to sit on the ledge inside the staircase and then leap through to the entryway. He very obligingly poses in it for pictures, but I don't have one here. I left the majority of the wall plain, because the coat hooks are going there and the coats will cover almost half the wall anyway.

The pile of driftwood is various pieces that I collected with knot holes. I found the first one at Brenda's place. I thought this is so cool. I could make holes in the cob with these framing them or add glass... In the end I did a bit of both. I love coloured glass, so I bought some different glasses from places like World Market and found some in junk shops. I got a beautiful cranberry glass to use and some lovely amber ones with crackle finishes.

I have two lovely stainglass windows that my friend, Debs', daughter, made in art school for us when we lived in flat one of Maderia house. We swapped them out for plain glass again and moved them with us. They just make the cob wall.

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