Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tile Work

For some reason these pictures have gone every other one. The dark tiles are the slate(with a lot of lovely red iron ore in them) on the deck and the lighter tiles are the bathroom.
The bathroom tiles are small travertine-- cream and coffee coloured. We had to put them in before we could put in the toilet. We have half a toilet at the moment, because I was trying to put in antique toilets from the salvage shop. (two reasons-- they are nicer toilets and they use more water.) This is not an environmental issue in our neck of the woods. We haven't solved the issue of the pipe from the wall hanging cistrene to the toilet bowl. So to use this toilet, at the moment-- you have to fill a bucket of water and pour it down the bowl when you are finished. We hope this is not a permanant solution, but even half a toilet is a great improvement on no toilet!
It took me a little more than a week to tile the bathroom and more that three weeks to do the deck. It was either raining or so blaring hot that I had to kneel on cardboard to work on the black surface of the deck. I still have to seal the tiles on the deck.

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