Saturday, May 30, 2009


We really are getting close to moving in. The kids and I have driven many van loads of stuff over and unloaded it--including all the doors! I have bruses on my arms, each side, just where the big boxes of books hit-- as if David has grabbed me and forcibly restrained me.(so I tease him about abuse.) The fridge and cooker, standing in the middle of the room, are our kitchen-- pretty scary if you ask me.(We still need a sink before we move in.) James has taken over our sittingroom with his Rokenbok. He loves the space! Claire demonstrates the size of the windows in that room by stretching out. She is at least five foot two now. The big stack of boxes are in the basement where we plan to live when we first move in. It will be really messy, dusty, and we will live in boxes for ages! But we will be on site to actually get the work done.

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