Sunday, December 7, 2008

Roofing starts at last.

The roofers have started-- can you see the green metal bits? They haven't finished yet because the stucco guys have to do the cupola with three coats of stucco and let it dry (takes two weeks) before they can do the rest of the roof. Ben says it will only take them three days or so to finish the rest of the metal bits. They are also installing my early Christmas present-- the dragon weathervane too.
You can just see the top of the chimney. Ben did the rock work on that. It is stack rock-- copper colour (concrete fake, but looks quite good. Real rock is way too exspensive-- though we plan to put our collected, real, rock mountain (from the excavation work) as trim along the bottom of the house and as a decorative front on the fireplace inside.)

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Debbie Sinsika said...

Hi Stacy, Thank you so much for your wedding gift, it arrived in the post yesterday. We love them..It was very sweet of you to remember us..

Your house looks amazing, I love the cob well house walls. Maybe if we ever get out there to see you we can see it for ourselves.

I am working away with commissions and teaching arty stuff in local schools. Leon is such a wonder, he is mad about everything, particularly drains, water and anything that has buttons - he can work out just about anything you give him, he's obviously a genius!!
Tarn has such a wonderful time with him, including not so wonderful sleepless nights.

Well done Stace for all your hard work - what a truly great achievement. Hoping you still love your Mistletoe rug. I have done several more Green Man mats since, and all have sold.. I ws in the Sunday Times earlier this year, and hopefully will be in Country Living next February.

Claire and James look very grown up in your images, how time just races by, I love Claire's fabulour hair! We think of you all often and when we pass Madiera we miss you not being there.

When things are a little less hectic here, I promise I will get a letter off to you with pictures. Hoping you all have a great Christmas

Big Big love always Stace